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Father Ashley’s real name is Ashley Cotter-Cairns, born 1970 in Watford, England. A freelance journalist since 1996, Ashley has worked for the likes of UK Maxim, Top Gear and British Airways In-Flight.

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In 2002, he met his wife, screenwriter and mosaic artist Carolina Pla. They married in Las Vegas, at midnight, in a helicopter above the Strip. The headphones (which you’re forced to wear to hear the minister) make the wedding photos look like a sports commentary team!

Yes, it was hot and yes, we look silly with cans on our heads...Carolina had never played poker before they met.
Under Ashley’s (mostly patient!) tutelage, she became a regular winner at online poker, specialising in tournament play.

Meanwhile, Ashley made his living playing online poker.
He qualified for both the 2004 and 2006 Ladbrokes Poker Cruise vacations via satellites.

The Ladbrokes 2006 Cruise ship, docked at the lovely island of Labadee, Haiti.During the 2006 cruise, Carolina took first prize in a $500 freezeout, winning $34,008. Ashley got a nice bonus when he backed her to win at 10-1 before the final started!

Carolina was a real star for the rest of the cruise. We couldn't eat a meal without somebody coming over to congratulate her! Nine days in paradise and being paid for it. Not bad work if you can get it, eh?

Carolina in action at the (blurry!) final table of the $500 freezeout.Carolina's rise from absolute novice to the Inner Sanctum of tournament winners shows what's possible.

You've got to apply yourself. Follow the 'religion' of Texas Holdem and who knows?

It could be you picking up a huge chunk of change.

Become our disciple, use the advice offered free by the Church of Texas Holdem, become a winning player and let us know how you’re doing by writing to Letters, Pray!

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