Father Ashley presents his Bet Daq (Betdaq Poker) review

Bet Daq: sportsbook and poker

If you want a portal that offers sportsbook and poker under one roof, online gambling at Betdaq might suit you very well indeed.

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I have to confess that I had never heard of Betdaq Poker before I went there to review it.

This is primarily because Betdaq is a European brand.

The question is, as always, is this site worth your time and money?

Bet Daq Poker: first impressions

As bad starts go, Betdaq is off to a flier! I absolutely HATE sites which combine a regular lobby with the need to use a browser window for banking and admin.

I placed a deposit through the excellent MoneyBookers service.

Next problem, the deposit did not show up in my Bet Daq account. I sent an email and eventually the problem was resolved, but when you compare this experience to the simplicity of using an integrated site like Full Tilt Poker's real money system, it's discouraging to say the least.

The good news is, getting past this frustration might be worth it for the standard of the no limit holdem cash play. Read on.

Bet Daq: software and features

Good news is, the Betdaq software is clean and easy to use. Even better news is, there's a no-download option, so you can play poker on the move, in the office or anywhere else you can log into your account. This is one of the benefits of having browser-based admin!

Before I talk about the Bet Daq software, I will mention the browser facilities. Because online gambling at Betdaq includes sportsbook betting, it's nice to have an account you can transfer funds to and fro in.

This can be very handy if you pick up a nice tourney win and fancy betting on the big match next weekend.

The range of sports offered for betting is breathtaking. In addition to that, there are simply tons of options available, all kinds of bets, combinations and so on. Full coverage of the sportsbook angle is outside the scope of this review, but if you're looking for a combination gambling site, Betdaq might be the one for you.

Unfortunately the software is quite basic. I could not find hand history, for example. There are no avatars and precious few options available. The graphics are clean but very simple.

You have a wide variety of games at Betdaq Poker I've not seen elsewhere. Soko (a variation of five-card stud), Telesina (stripped deck with community cards variation of draw) and 32 Draw (deck stripped of 2s-6s) are available.

Betdaq Poker: Real money player fishiness

The propensity for European players to drink and then gamble is legendary. Great news for people who can get access to a Europe-based site like Betdaq.

I found a wide range of games available at all hours, though it's obvious that this is a fairly new site from the traffic.

The great news is, particularly for no limit Holdem, this site has great potential for you to build a rapid bankroll. I found plenty of people prepared to gamble (compare that to my findings at PokerStars' real money tables).

I spun my initial deposit into a profit and small roll very quickly.

You'll also find tournaments with an "overlay" (where the guaranteed prize pool is greater than the total cash paid by the entrants). Sunday nights are their big guarantee night. This won't be the case forever though, so perhaps you should get Betdaq Poker now and dip your toe in the bigger MTTs.

Betdaq Poker: Conclusion

It's hard to be totally positive about Bet Daq because it is missing so many of the features you take for granted elsewhere. A lack of Hand History is a major problem. Avatars are a pain anyway and I prefer a site which is more serious-looking.

Traffic is improving and will continue to do so as long as they back their guaranteed events and continue their VIP and other promotions.

It's not the greatest poker room, but the combination of poker with a powerful sportsbook portal might be a deciding factor for many. Betdaq is worth a look.

Father Ashley’s Rating!

Visual presentation: 70% -- Clean, gimmick-free.
Audio: 50% -- Very basic but functional.
Software features: 55% -- Lacks hand history and other features you expect.
Ease of use: 80% --  Useful to be able to play download-free in a browser.
Fishiness: 80% (no limit) -- Drunk Europeans. Need I say more?


Some very strong aspects are let down by the lack of features. Needs more development. Bet Daq Poker could be the place for people looking for a split bankroll between poker and sportsbook betting online.

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