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Father Ashley's Cake Poker review

Cake Poker gets some brownie points (boom boom) for daring to be among the USA friendly poker sites in the light of the "US Gambling Ban". Its software is clean, easy to use and lacking some of the most annoying features that blight certain poker sites.

Cake Poker review: Father Ashley's first impressions

It's hard to imagine a poker site which would dare to be really different. One area they all suffer is the front menu. As usual, Cake's is really "caked up" with options, table sizes, game types and other links, but the buttons are unusually large and clear here.

It's easy to see where the filters are for, let's say, freeroll tourneys or ring games.

Cake Poker review: the menu is as complex and busy as any other site.

I would like to have seen filters for table sizes, but again, that's another level of complexity and perhaps there isn't the demand for filtering tables at Cake Poker.

Review the options and you'll see the ability to choose an avatar, including women who all seem to have absolutely titanic tits for whatever reason (you can tell the cake they've been eating isn't only going to their thighs!), a choice of favourite seat to occupy, graphics and sound options and others. Quite useful.

THE SITE IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS TO USA PLAYERS. The usual payment methods are accepted, including Visa, Mastercard, Visa Electron, MoneyBookers, EcoCard and EWalletXpress.

The gameplay tables are nicely designed and there's a surprising feel of space, considering how much is going on (all poker tables have a lot going on, but some feel really claustrophobic with it).

Cake Poker review: avatars are... well-endowed.There's a choice of simple background or busy. You probably won't notice the difference, as you'll be too busy ogling big-chested avatars; not even the dealer is immune.

I liked the fact that when people sit out from the game, the avatar reflects this, sitting back, crossing their arms or some other detail. Nice touch.

The cake poker hand history is very "handy", with a clear, large window and the ability to scroll back through various hands to see your good (and bad) folds. The card graphics could be a little larger on this history screen, but it's well designed and easy to read. I did note that a beaten player's cards are not revealed in the hand history, which bothers me a bit.

Graphics and sound are excellent. During my Cake Poker review, I found myself smiling a couple of times; rare, I can tell you. The round of applause is always good for a grin and miles ahead of the dismal Party Poker celeb sound FX.

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Cake Poker review: Player notes

I LOVE the player notes feature on Cake Poker. Review each player by clicking on the NOTES tab at bottom left; you can select a player by drop-down menu and then assign a coloured light to them depending on whether they are a tight player, a pro, a fish etc. Very fancy and more importantly, very useful.

You can also access STATS, PROMOTIONS and OPTIONS from this part of the menu. It's nicely designed to keep them all together. Good thinking.

Cake Poker review: the tables are nicely laid out and have buttons in useful places.

It's a shame the hands aren't revealed when the money is all-in. Not everybody likes this, it's true, but I think it's much fairer in an online gaming environment. 

It will help intermediate players to learn the game, too, when they see the cards exposed. Maybe not everybody would want to be a tutor... But there you go.

As you play different games and limits, the "act in turn" buttons change. In no limit, you have half pot, pot and all in buttons (I hate the all-in button on some sites, but Cake Poker's does not confirm the bet until you press again). You have to click the amount AND confirm the raise later. Nice idea.

The Cake Poker first deposit bonus is a healthy 100% (YES, one hundred per cent!) up to $500 maximum! They are quite reasonable about the FPPs needed to earn your bonus, which is as usual paid out in $10 increments. One dollar raked = 1FPP or part thereof.

Mutli-table three $0.25-50 NL tables and you should clear at least $10 per hour, if not nearer $20, depending on the craziness of the pots.

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Cake Poker review: The games and player traffic

Cake Poker review: player traffic is currently a weaker point.

Admittedly it's not exactly peak, but as I write this there are less than 5,000 players online. At peak periods, you'll find 10,000+ and weekends are even busier. Accepting US players never hurts!

I'm certain that Cake Poker's features and quality will attract loads of new players to the site in time.

There's no fancy games available. You get Holdem fixed, pot or no limit, Omaha, O hi-lo, 7 stud and stud hi-lo (which is as crazy as the games get). Currently they don't spread mixed ring games like HORSE.

You can play micro level no limit games, $0.02-0.04 being the lowest, or go as high as $50-100NL if you are a whale. If limit's more your thing, start out on the tiny levels at $0.04-0.08 or play up to $100-200.

I didn't see any mega tourneys -- the most expensive buy-in was $250 -- but they host the usual satellites to bigger events. Sit and Go events are offered from $1 to $500 per seat, so there really is going to be a game for your level.

I found Cake Poker's loyalty rewards a bit confusing, with gold chips for frequent play, gold cards randomly dealt even to losing players, Cake Share for players who participate in ring games every month (I think! It's not really well explained) and the usual points store.

Cake Poker review: Not even the dealer is flat chested.You can exchange gold coins for things like magazine subscriptions, electronics and household items. Nothing unusual, but at least they have recognized brand names like iPod and Hamilton Beach.

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Cake Poker review: Fishiness of the play

The lower traffic might give it away: there's less than the average number of professionals here. You might find this game suits you if you are relatively tight and aggressive; some of the play at $1NL was really poor (= profitable!).

The very useful coloured light/note taking system will quickly and effectively allow you to rate each player and look out for the fishies when they make their inevitable, doomed moves on you.

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Cake Poker review: Conclusion

I'll conclude this Cake Poker review by saying that I'm a little surprised at the level of traffic, given the very competant, clean and well-designed software.

It's now prime time, EST at least and okay, it's a Tuesday, but there's only 5,400 people playing. At the same time, and admitting that Full Tilt Poker is a market leader, that site has 73,000+ players online. Cake has only cut itself a small slice of the market share so far.

Cake Poker review: great 100% to $500 bonus for first time deposit!But I believe it can only be a matter of time. They accept US players; they have sensible limits and games; they have a good selection of banking options; the software, graphics and sound are excellent. Cake Poker must be one to watch.

Cake Poker review: Father Ashley’s Rating!

Visual presentation: 90% -- Clean design. Juvenile obsession with breasts
Audio: 75% -- Rarely an important point. Nice round of applause when you scoop
Software features: 88% -- Decent options but not overwhelming
Ease of use: 86% -- Good idea to make player confirm a raise at PL and NL
Fishiness: 87% (no limit) –- You'll see more pros turn up later. Dive in now!


Cake Poker is a worthwhile place to play if you don't care for Full Tilt or the other larger sites. You could make a name for yourself here as the site grows, if your ego is important to you.

Ready to give it a try?

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