Free no deposit bonus codes

by Father Ashley
(Church of Texas Holdem)

Free no deposit bonus codes: make sure you aren't being

Free no deposit bonus codes: make sure you aren't being "held up" by the casinos and poker rooms!

Free no deposit bonus codes: Why you should read the "fine print" before you get excited about a poker or casino deposit bonus

In our holy quest as missionaries in the poker world, we here at The Church of Texas Holdem are charged with informing you of all of the evils that seep into your poker life, from the obvious to the very subtle.

Our topic today is a stealthy evil which connects itself to one of the holy gifts of online poker: the new deposit bonus.

A lot of players jump right into a new deposit bonus, perhaps for the full amount, believing that that extra money is as good as their own. Imagine their surprise when they find out after months of leisurely play that their bonus timing has expired before they could unlock the full amount — a true frustration that is aggravated if you happen to be losing at the time of realization.

Remember to consider these points when you've found a bonus you'd like to try.

Don't think it could happen to you?

Check out this true story of woe from COTH reader, Grunta, who had his fingers burned by poker sign-up bonuses' fine print.

Free no deposit bonus codes: advice

Give some consideration to how many frequent player points (FPPs) it will take to release money from your account. The smaller that number is, the easier it's going to be for you to get your money.

Bodog has one of the better and more unusual first deposit offers

You would really have to figure out things like what stakes you plan to play at regularly, look at the average pot size for those rooms, compare that to the rake/point conversion, and then estimate about how long it will take to clear the whole bonus.

If that's a little too much for you to take in, you're better off just being aware of this and moving on with the other points than you would be if you were completely ignorant.

Points Earned: Different activities earn you different numbers of points towards earning back your free no deposit bonus codes money. The poker rooms only take in the entry fee from tournaments, for example, whereas they take a rake every minute or so from a table.

So when you're looking at how much you get for a rake vs. a tournament fee, don't be surprised that the tournament fee’s point conversion will be higher, but also that you take down way fewer points per hour.

Full Tilt Poker: real money or free play!

One of the best-value FPP-per-hour games is Rush Poker at Full Tilt. Because you are dealt into 250 or more hands per hour, you can rack up FPPs really quickly.

Make sure that you take into consideration whether you usually play cash games or you play tournaments.

Time Limits: Different bonuses have different time limits. One could expire in a month, while others expire in a year. The longer you have to earn your bonus, the more likely you'll be to bring it all down.

Payout Increments: to be completely realistic, you might not be able to clear some of the bigger bonuses, especially if you're a casual player. So, you ought to consider the increments that it gets paid in.

A bonus that pays in whole dollars (or even fractions thereof) has a smaller barrier to getting as much of your bonus out as possible over, say, a bonus that only pays out in $100 increments (or even $1,000 increments).

When you keep these tips in mind, you'll be able to get the most out of your free or no deposit bonus codes.

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