Want a FREE poker spreadsheet? Look no further: we've createdone for you

If you need to ask why you need a free poker spreadsheet, you need to read my Sermon on the subject of Cooking the Books (opens in a new window). You need to keep records because it's your ONLY proof of your continued Texas Holdem success, or the lack of it.

Only once you have this proof before you will you realise whether or not you're a winning player. Without it, you're whistling in the wind. And seeing your results in black and white can really make you want to plug the leaks in your game.

Make keeping detailed poker records your new year's resolution! Trust me, it will be worth the effort.

Instructions for getting the spreadsheet

Click the spreadsheet screenshot on the right of this message to open up the PokerPrayer! eZine subscription form in a new window.

We'll send you PokerPrayer! free forever. And there are tons of benefits for subscribers.

Once you have subscribed...

Just reply to the PokerPrayer! email and ask for your free poker spreadsheet. We'll email it right away.

It's laid out very simply. All you need to do is fill in your starting bankroll ("Initial Deposit") at the top left. Once per day, use the dated area on the left hand side to fill in your daily gain (or loss).

In the next column, enter any cash withdrawals you make from your bankroll. The free poker spreadsheet takes care of everything. It will even track your bankroll for you.

Play sit-and-go tourneys (SNGs)? The spreadsheet will work out your profit (this only works for ten-seater SNGs currently.) Here's how the SNG section works.

The different price buy-ins are listed in table format, from $5 all the way to $200 SNGs. In the "Played" column, you enter the number of tourneys played. The free poker spreadsheet automatically works out the cost of entering those tourneys and the rake you've paid.

Enter your finishing position in the columns titled "1st", "2nd" and "3rd". The spreadsheet will calculate the amount of prize money you've been awarded and your profit.

Finally, the spreadsheet will keep a running total of your profit (or loss) from SNGs in the top left of the sheet.

Play multi-table tourneys (MTTs)? The spreadsheet will even keep track of your performance in up to 50 MTTs per month.

Under the SNG table, you'll find the MTT table. You'll need to fill in the date of the tourney, the amount of the buy-in and rake, your position and prize money. The free poker spreadsheet will keep a track of your MTT profit for you in the top left of the sheet.

Feedback or questions about this spreadsheet? Use Letters, Pray! (The Letters, Pray! page opens in a new window.)

Now you have a free poker spreadsheet, click here for more poker info