TheCOTH reviews Harrington on Holdem III by Dan Harrington and Bill Robertie

Harrington on Holdem III
By Dan Harrington and Bill Robertie
Published by 2+2

Harrington on Holdem IIIThe truly excellent series Harrington on Holdem ends with this book, which mainly contains example hands.

The major value for students may actually lie in the section on playing Sit and Go tournaments on the bubble.

I certainly had my eyes opened by the examples he shows, where much more than even the final table of a MTT, your decision to call all-in when on the bubble in a SNG should be a very careful one.

There's loads of example hands from major tournaments, with Harringon and Robertie's usual card-by-card analysis explaining both sides of the story and what was going through the minds of both players involved. Excellent stuff.

You don't have to have read the first two Harrington on Holdem books to get something from Harrington on Holdem III, but it will help you a lot, especially when you consider advanced concepts like M theory.

Throughout the series, the writing and explanation of the authors' thoughts has been clear and concise, not something you could accuse many poker authors of. Poker books have got a lot better in recent years, but Harrington's series puts many of them to shame.

Harrington on Holdem III cannot be recommended on its own merits, as it's really important totreat it as further exercises for the study you've already undertaken in parts one and two.

However, that caveat aside, you should definitely make this book part of your poker library. It's a worthy end to a fantastic series.

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