Sister Ruby asks a very good question about home poker law

Dear Father Ashley,

What's the home poker law? Is it illegal to have cash money Holdem games at your house? If so, what is the penalty?

Yours Faithfully,


Dear Sister Ruby,

Nope! There is a grey area in most legal systems about gambling for pleasure amongst friends. Technically there might be a law forbidding any kind of gambling: I believe Washington state is the only place in the US that totally outlaws gambling of any kind.
Even there, you are very unlikely to get into any trouble hosting a game for your friends. Make sure you keep cash OFF the table, just in case. Always use chips (it's more professional too).
The one act that's usually illegal in most countries is charging a rake. If you are running the game for profit rather than fun (in other words, the house makes money on each deal), then you are breaking the law. Running a game for profit usually involves applying for a licence.
Enjoy your game and tell all your friends about the site!

Father Ashley

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