Want to set up poker tournament or cash games at home?

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Many of my disciples ask me how to set up poker tournament or cash games in the comfort of their own home. Truth is, home poker games are a lot of fun. But there are many pitfalls and headaches to avoid.

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The classic home poker game involves a group of friends having a fun social evening. "Friends" is the key word. Remember, these are your brothers and sisters, chosen for life. You don't want to fall out over a hand of Texas Holdem. Life really is too short for that kind of crap.

Love of money is the root of all evil...

Ask yourself why you are hosting home poker games. If it's for the money, perhaps you should look for strangers to fleece, instead of your friends.

Beware of involving too many outside, unknown parties in your home poker cash games. Imagine how you'll feel if a casual acquaintance you might never meet again leaves with a huge pile of your cash.

If you are inviting in plenty of strange faces, perhaps you should follow our advice on how to set up poker tournaments at home.

With all those stark warnings ringing in your ears, relax! This WILL be a great experience. With the help of the Church of Texas Holdem's Local Parish, you can become an expert host of home poker games.

How to set up poker tournament or cash games in your home