Learn to play poker when theriver's been dealt, with Sharon Charon, the BoatBabe of the Styx

The undead online poker aide... It's the one and only Sharon Charon, skeletal BoatBabe of the Styx.Unholy Water will let you learn to play poker at one of hardest points of the game -- THE RIVER.

To make these lessons particularly poignant, we've recruited Sharon Charon, the skeletal BoatBabe of the Styx. Cross her bony palm with silver, but 'get a bone' for her at your peril! (She has 216 of her own.)

Ah, for sure she's a sight for sore eyesockets, with slender, dainty, fleshless fingers and a voice like shattering femurs.

Learn to play the hard way, if you must (you must be made of money); if not, let "our Shaz" fortify your bankroll with calcium-rich advice!

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