ShouldBrother Richard borrow $15,000 to finance a trip to the WSOP?

Dear Father Ashley,

My bank has offered me $15,000 at 0% for 12 months. Should I use this to pay off my poker debts, or should I pray that the poker gods will be on my side and make a pilgrimage to Las Vegas for the WSOP?

Yours faithfully


Dear Brother Richard,

You are wise to consider making a Holy pilgrimage to the Mecca of gambling, the glittering Las Vegas. The poker gods would surely appreciate the personal sacrifice of time and, in all probability, money.

However, before you even read the small print on that loan agreement, there is a serious question you must ask yourself:
why do you have poker debts at all?

Clearly there are more important issues in your life than whether 0% over 12 months is a good opportunity. If you are accruing poker debts, you need to study the teachings of the Church of Texas Holdem, improve your game and pay off the debts by winning instead of losing.

Of course, should you be seeking a third way to invest that $15K, the Church of Texas Holdem is badly in need of refurbishment. Your donation would be tax-deductible... No? Okay.

Have faith, Brother Richard. Your trip to Vegas would be an experience to sustain you during many months of wandering in the wilderness. Just promise to remember your faith and make a donation in the event that you win a seven-figure amount!

Whatever you choose to do, don't gamble with money you can't afford to lose.

Father Ashley

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