Snappy letter from the dazed and confused Brother Kaolib...

Dear Father Ashley,

I do not know how to play poker. Can I be saved? And may I find salvation and millions by playing snap?

Yours faithfully


Dear Brother Kaolib,

Mankind finds many motives to explain his various actions. Money is often the primary motivation for getting out of bed. It is not my place to judge you: so, if Snap is preferable to poker in your eyes, you will find your own inner peace.

However, here's two pieces of advice:

1) Poker can be like Snap

Played at the most basic level, you could become a Texas Holdem player by implementing principles from Snap. Only play your starting cards if they are a pair. Even yelling "SNAP!!!" as they are dealt to you won't matter much in online poker, as your opponents won't hear you. (Try to resist the urge to type "SNAP!!!" into the chat box, though.)

2) Of course you can be saved

The Church of Texas Holdem is all about those who seek salvation through Texas Holdem poker. Simply not being able to play YET is no excuse for not letting the poker gods into your life. Sign up for the COTH's Sunday School (you can find a link to it on the left of every page).

By studying our growing home-school course, you will become at least a winning poker player. In time, applying the advanced teachings of the Church of Texas Holdem, you can become a good, solid, winning player. And with luck and the guidance of the poker gods, you could become a great, winning player. The millions you covet might then follow.

Of course, if you find a route to millions from Snap, be sure to share it with our congregation!

Father Ashley

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