The eternal question: is money important or not?

Dear Father Ashley,

You say money is the most important thing, however, at the same time, the love of money is the root of all evil. So, how do you resolve this apparent conundrum?

Yours faithfully


Dear Brother Mike,

Many thanks for pointing out a fundamental problem with organised religion of all kinds.

There are many teachings available to disciples who dedicate themselves to a life of self-improvement. However, the Church of Texas Holdem will, like any other church, offer contradictory advice over the years.

For example, we'll say that your donations are not necessary and would be better invested at the poker tables; keep the money in your pocket. Mind you, hand over a big fat pile of cash, no strings attached, and we'll probably find a way to refurbish the vestry. It could use a plasma TV...

To return to the subject for a moment. Love of money is the root of all evil: the page you quoted is how to host a home poker tournament or cash game. You don't want to put money above friendship. In those situations, if your primary reason to host the game is to win money from your friends, perhaps you should be looking for another way to make your daily bread, as only harm can come of it in the long term.

The quotation (taken directly from that wonderful Bible people go crazy over) about money is the answer for everything was explained in context. I meant that you should consider your bankroll more important than your desire to play when drunk, stoned or tired.

I hope you can come to terms with the strange and complex world that the first ever poker religion has opened your mind up to. Poker players and deep thought are not necessarily well-acquainted up to now.

Father Ashley

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