BrotherHank asks for a prayer after missing out on a real night of joy

Dear Father Ashley,

I bumped into Scarlet Johannsen the other day and she challenged me to a game of strip poker with her and some of her friends. Imagine my anguish when I had to turn her down because I don't know how to play poker. Please pray for me!

Yours faithfully

Brother Hank

Dear Brother Hank,

Ah, you made the age-old error so uncommon in males: admitting our ignorance. The world is full of men driving in circles because they can't ask for directions; losing money daily at Internet poker sites because they can't admit they need help with their game; and asking their wives and girlfriends if they are having a good time in bed, because they're too weak to admit they have never heard of the clitoris.

What you should have said was: "Sure, I'd love to play. I might need some help brushing up on the rules...", or better yet: "I'll come along and you guys start, I'll pick up the game from seeing you play with each other."

Perhaps the Church of Texas Holdem should open a strip poker hall... I get the feeling we're not controversial enough.

Of course I'll pray for you. And keep coming back to the Church. Send all your friends, including Scarlet, if you see her again!

Father Ashley

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