BrotherRichard wishes he hadn't borrowed his WSOP stake...

Dear Father Ashley,

Following your advice, I borrowed my way to the WSOP but was lost in a sea of glum-faced poker players and never found the safe shores of the final table. In fact, I drowned without even reaching sight of Day 2.

I am glad to say that the righteous path of the Church of Texas Holdem is now being followed to the letter and I consider myself to be a shark in the above waters.

I shall turn that SEA RED with the spilt blood of all those non-COTH heathens.

Poker debts are a thing of the past for me now. Your teachings have set me right. For that, my soul is yours.

Yours Faithfully


Dear Brother Richard,

As you have found out, borrowing money to play in such a huge event as the WSOP is always a risky venture.

But you are richer for the experience. And there's no need to give me your soul. A cash payment in lieu of your immortal happiness would be just fine.

If you know a good financial advisor, then now might be a good time to give him a call.

Father Ashley

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