New Poker Site? Test Before You Commit

by Father Ashley

Testing a new poker site needn't cost you

New Poker Site? Test Before You Commit

Just like most other poker advice sites, we talk a lot about our favorite platforms, deals, and promotions. The most important thing, though, is for you to find out if a given site is any good for you.

Try it out by opening a play money account, which every poker site worth its bandwidth has. Take a look at this list to hit all of the main points:

Graphics: Are they clear? Intuitive? Annoying? Can you change the deck colors? How about your avatar or having any avatars at all? Is the background OK? Can you change that?
Lobby: Can you search for what you want? Find the stakes and limit quickly? Do you have a buddy you’re trying to find?

Sounds: Are the alerts OK? Can you follow the action even if you're not looking that the screen?

Actions: This is crucial, because if the buttons aren’t intuitive, you might end up folding or raising when you’d like to call. That's not great, is it? Play with the bet slider and see if there are percentage bet buttons. Can you type in an amount? Can you bet the pot with the button? How about half the pot? Also try out extra options, like showing cards, showing one card (where available), or cutesy options like a rabbit cam.

Multi-Tables: how many tables can you bring up and still pay attention? Are the action buttons clear? Are the bets clear?

Start with play money

The great thing about starting an account with a poker site without depositing is that it doesn't necessarily count you out of making a little bit of cash. Many sites offer no-strings freeroll poker tournaments, where you can pull a Chris Ferguson and start your real money rise.

Another option is a play money rewards program, like at Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker, where 10,000,000 in play chips gets you $50 real money.

So get to it and check out the tables!

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