Online poker cheat? No. Want to learn how to cheat at poker?Dream on

You COULD learn how to cheat at poker, but we'd rather teach you how to WIN at poker!We've all seen online poker cheat software advertised. And if somebody could let you pay to learn how to cheat at poker, they'd be doing it themselves and not selling the 'secret' to poor fools taken in by their clever advertising.

I'll tell you something, though, sinners: Father Ashley is not an online poker cheat.

And yet, I make thousands of dollars every month. I guess this means one of two things:

1) I know how to cheat at poker and I'm lying; or
2) I know how to WIN at poker.

That's what Collection Plate is all about.

A series of articles designed to help you collect money from those lovely, willing losing players. Believe me, they are almost begging to dump their wages of sin into your coffers. And they want to do it over and over again! So let's help them to do it.

Online poker cheat, learn how to cheat at poker... get smart and learn how to WIN with the Church of Texas Holdem!