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PKR is a comparative newbie in the poker world. It sacrifices some function for an experience that’s more about playing poker than it is about poker playing—and yes, there’s a notable difference.

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PKR Reviews: First Impressions

Online poker is one of the markets where it’s hard to distinguish yourself. Some sites offer $300,000 a week in guaranteed tournaments, others offer $350,000. Some distinguish themselves by offering some outrageously high stakes that no one on their site plays anyway or a collection of games that no one knows and where the digital tables collect a layer of dust.

Some flounce around with big name poker celebrity targets, and others let you use avatars—and the best let you emote your avatars. And in this market, where a site’s minutia are the criteria by which we judge the overall experience, PKR stands head and shoulders above all the rest for its presentation.

PKR strives to come about as close to live play as is possible in online poker thus far, the extent to which we’ll cover later on. There are some drawbacks to the realism. Namely, realistic play doesn’t include wholesale poker playing. The maximum number of tables you can play at is limited to four, and you might find yourself at something of a disadvantage by playing all four and not immersing yourself in the simulated casino with all of your opponents.

PKR reviews: there are other draws, like a 100% sign up bonus (max $800) and frequent reload bonuses (100%, $600 max). They also offer more than $100,000 guaranteed in tournaments every week and you can exchange the resident FPPs (called PKR points) for merchandise and freeroll entries.

These features bring in above 7,000 players during peak hours, none of whom are US players because of the liability (which is legal jargon for “this site does not accept US players”).

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PKR game features

If you only read this section, you would get the approximation of what PKR is all about. They make it their business to build a 3D environment for you to play in and customize. Players can make their own avatars and customize things like skin color, clothing, hair style, facial structure, and other avatar visuals.

PKR poker site has a well-designed lobby

In fact, one way to cash in PKR points is by sending in a picture of yourself that you can have rendered, which is very cool if you’re into this sort of play.

But the action doesn’t end with the environment. You can perform a number of in-game actions like clapping your hands, crying, or taunting an opponent into calling. You’re also able to move the camera around the table at will and, since the other players can too, you can actually make and hold eye contact with your opponents during play.

While the rendering is extraordinarily detailed and you’re given the flexibility to move the camera all around the room to direct your own personal poker show, it’s not all glitz and glamour at PKR.

Reviews agree with my findings, in that the software demands a lot from your computer to keep the animations in time with live play, which is a predictable drawback, but it’s still a little disappointing. I’ll also add that the format doesn’t support Pokertracker—as if PKR appeals to by-the-numbers players.

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PKR Reviews: Player Fishiness

Straight up, some people call the action here pretty loose, and why not? The software is set up almost exclusively to attract videogame players that are used to getting instant action (in fact, some of the lower limit tables are known to have average pot sizes that orbit around 50 times the big blind).

Besides that, all of the little nuances of the controllable character make it hard to resist something that would clearly be labeled as a tell or, at the very least, induces a repetitive stress disorder. It’s my hypothesis that all of these extra actions create barriers to the types of players who use PKR.

PKR lets you emote in-game. LOSER!

Without wholesale, three-monitors-filled-to-capacity-with-mini-views poker players, the top predators are behaviorists who gauge decisions based on wait times, eye contact and composure. And I don’t know if I ever guessed that I would use those terms to describe an online poker player.

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PKR reviews: Conclusion

PKR is a very dependable payer for accuracy, support and timing as far as cashouts are concerned. They also send checks for any amount free via courier. In terms of support, PKR offers email and a live chat option.

In either case, the wait times are short and the representatives are accurate and friendly.

If you want a drastic change of pace from other online poker offerings, PKR might be a nice fit.

There are multiple camera angles and other features in PKR Poker Room.

PKR Reviews: Father Ashley’s Rating!

PKR REVIEWS: Visual presentation: 100% - - Beautiful. This is the non-functional standard by which all others will be judged.
PKR REVIEWS: Audio: 95% - - Fun flavors of realistic and exciting.
PKR REVIEWS: Software features: 89% - - A fairly new site with fairly up-to-date stuff.
PKR REVIEWS: Ease of use: 82% - - The sheer number of different options may be the ironic downfall for this site.
PKR REVIEWS: Fishiness: 88% - - These guys play more like they’re running a Sims program than playing poker.

PKR is top tier in pretty poker sites. It’s a whole new market and a very different game than you would play anywhere else. And for those who are wary of other sites, PKR is a promising alternative.

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