Your guide to playing multiple online poker tables

Why consider playing multiple online poker tables?

So much of a person’s religious choices have to do with simplicity, with allowing a question to already be answered or a choice to already be made.

To that effect, this distilled bit of humanity may be more attractive to a person who feels complicated, is leading a complex life with many questions weighing you down.

Where poker comes into this argument...

The same might be said—almost literally—about a poker player who has a lot of tables open. The advantage of playing multiple online poker tables is, in part, that there are so many decisions to make.

This might seem counter-intuitive, but when you are playing at an online table with 60-80 hands per minute (or more) and you multiply that by a factor of how many tables you have open, you have little choice but to abbreviate your play—which can be to your advantage.

You’re less likely to call low connectors out of boredom, you’re more likely to play appealing hands that win often.

Playing multiple online poker tables isn't that easy

Still there are some things to remember for successful multi-table poker play.

  • No More Grey Areas

Decide to yourself that you will actively seek out hands that aren’t worth your time so that you can fold them and get on to the next hand.

  • Don't Seek Complication

Some days, you’re just asking questions to try to contradict the system. It's important to explore your options and figure out what works best for you, but when you’re under pressure, make sure it’s something you can handle.

In the same way, don’t over-complicate your play session by playing at different types of games, against different numbers of players, or at drastically different stakes. Allow yourself to form a rhythm.

  • Troublemakers

There will always be people that will try to challenge you and throw a wrench into your system. In poker, that’s the aggressive players. Make sure to pick out who those are at your tables so that you know to handle them appropriately. Poker is still a people game, after all, even if you’re playing en masse.

  • Know your limits

There is an elite band of players with two or even three large monitors on their desks, who make a living playing 17 tables at a time. They ain't you. And if you find yourself out of your depth with four tables open, STOP, take a short break, come back and try with just three.

If that's your comfortable maximum, don't try to push yourself beyond the point of comfort. Poker is supposed to be enjoyable, remember!

There is an alternative available

Full Tilt Poker's RUSH Poker is like multi-tabling, but without the stress. You stay on a single screen and multiple hands RUSH to you. Try it! We love it.

The Big Picture

What’s nice about playing multiple online poker tables is that you can see the big picture, and not have to micromanage and get into the little details that can hurt as much as help.

Of course, a poker player ought to want to stay flexible and rounded, so neither should you rely on multi-table nor single table games; instead practicing in both.

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