Poker School 101 is a vital first step. We can't teach you poker until you can understand how to read about it

Blah blah blah Aces blah blah blah Kings... Sit up and pay attention!

Welcome to Poker School 101.

There are lots of websites where you can learn to play Texas Holdem for beginners.

But at the Church of Texas Holdem, we believe in looking after our own. That's why we'll be expanding our Poker School in the coming weeks to give you all the advice you'll ever need, under one sloping, lead-lined steeple roof.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to submit them to Letters, Pray!Letters, Pray! using the left nav bar.

Poker Talk: learn how to understand poker writing

Once you know how poker writers describe situations, you will be able to read articles on Texas Holdem for Beginners without stratching your head in confusion.

If things still aren't clear, feel free to write to us at Letters, Pray!

Online Poker Chat made easy

Poker chat boxes full of gibberish? We can help!

Poker jargon glossary

Flop, turn, river, board, boat... What the heck?! Don't worry. We have compiled a comprehensive glossary of Texas Holdem terms, just for you!

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