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As usual, the COTH never rushes into reviews of new sites. We've spent considerable time playing for real money and in tourneys.

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Pokerstars has a very snazzy, dark lobby screen.PokerStars is probably the most famous poker website in the world (for good reasons here, at least).

This may have something to do with its INSANE traffic. Over 180,000 players online during a Saturday evening!

PokerStars real money: first impressions

Pretty much whatever you want, you can find it at PokerStars. Whether you'll want it as much as you thought you did will be a matter of taste from then on.

With the kind of traffic you find at Stars, there's always somebody who'll be playing the game you want to join.

Pokerstars has been around for years and the original look is dated.

If it's action you're seeking, rather than a particular type of game, PokerStars real money tables might not be the best place to look.

Perhaps it was just my bad luck, but every table I sat down at seemed very tight. People would fold for small raises and sit back to wait for good hands.

Also I found a lot of disconnection problems during my play. This was a problem for me in the old days, too. In fairness, you are warned because you can check your personal connection status at any time, but it's frustrating when you want to play a game to be timing out a lot.


PokerStars: real money features

There's a ton of good stuff at PokerStars, connection problems aside.

However, the sleek Black skin really makes Pokerstars stand out.Like so many sites these days, PokerStars has introduced skin changing technology. Just as well, because the old PokerStars look is so ancient (even though it's had overhauls and facelifts down the years) that playing there is like going back in time.

The four-colour deck in the Black skin is perhaps TOO funky at first, but give it a chance to grow on you and you'll learn to love it. There's also a PokerStars no image skin, which hides everybody's avatar pics. Other custom skins are available to download from the PokerStars client, but the ones I just mentioned are the regular skins you get when you install.

Otherwise it's a pretty standard poker site with all the usual bells and whistles. You can opt to sit in any seat by right-clicking, but note that this seat is "forgotten" if your connection times out. It's very confusing to be moved around after the fact.


PokerStars: Real money player fishiness

Anything goes with the user avatars.About the only "fishy" thing at this site is the choice of certain player avatars (see an example at right). It seems anything goes, up to soft porn at least!

But as noted before, this is NOT the site for you if you like to gamble among loose goose players. If you are looking for somewhere to quietly build up your confidence among a solid majority, pitting your wits against people who don't make many stupid moves on the most part, PokerStars real money tables are a good place to be.

Perhaps the biggest appeal on this site are the multi-table tournaments. Pokerstars has a TON of amazing tourneys, including the Sunday Million (which is exactly as it sounds, $1m guaranteed every weekend) and loads of satellites to big real-world events and destinations.

All those active players mean plenty of seats for a solid tourney player to aim at. As usual, navigating your way through the thousands of tourneys can be a bit of a minefield, but it's hard to see how poker sites could make this easier for players.


PokerStars: Conclusion

Were this a video review, you'd be hearing the theme tune to Rocky playing in the background around now. This site is full of rocks, but that doesn't mean that playing here is not fun. You just have to adjust to the tempo.
Put on your game face before you arrive, as this is a serious site, with serious traffic, serious prizes in the MTTs and serious players at the PokerStars real money tables.

It IS a different experience from most other sites. Perhaps you'll find your spiritual home here. The ironic thing is, for all the huge deposit bonuses and other offers elsewhere, PokerStars is the world's biggest poker room (you can get 100 per cent deposit bonus up to $50!), so they are definitely doing something right.

Father Ashley’s Rating!

Visual presentation: 80% -- Default skin is ancient, Black skin is funky.
Audio: 40% -- Among the most basic of all poker sites, still using internal PC sound.
Software features: 75% -- Everything you need and not a lot you don't.
Ease of use: 90% --  Everything works, solid performance (connection aside).
Fishiness: 50% (no limit) -- THE place to play if you hate lunatics.


This definitely won't be for everybody, but PokerStars real money games are a perfect fit for a certain type of player. It's old school and your game must be too if you are to survive.

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