You're ready to progress... read Texas Hold'em basics

Texas Holdem starts with Poker School 101: how to read about poker. Read it now if you haven't already!

Now you know how to read the language of poker, the Church of Texas Holdem will begin its Poker Instruction course, designed to teach newcomers Texas Holdem from scratch.

You'll learn how to play and how to win at hold em in the fastest possible time!

Each part is an easy-to-grasp chapter covering one aspect of the basics of Texas Holdem. If you have any questions, write to Letters, Pray!

Texas Hold'em basics part one: the game

Learn the way Texas Holdem works, from deal to betting rounds.

Texas Holdem basics part two: winning hands in Texas Holdem

How to select the starting hands that will make you a winning player in the long run. Fold the garbage EVERY TIME!

Poker Instruction part three: poker school

Learn how to calculate what the best possible hand is at any time. A vital skill for all poker scholars!

Poker lessons part four: learn Texas Holdem by example

Watch how a no limit hand plays out from flop to river. It is a great way to learn Texas Holdem!

Confused by how to play poker? Poker hand odds are here to help you calculate your chances!

Want to know how to play poker? Poker hand odds here. Improve your odds calculation skills in a flash!

Texas holdem basics too basic for you? Move onto the Intermediate level